“This sea urchin and kelp vendor is pure gold. They’re always responsive and happy to help with all of my orders and questions. South Coast Biomarine’s animals lived longer than any other company I ordered from in the area, and the staff always rectified even the smallest problems. Thank you!”– Yasmeen Hussain, University of Washington

“We had an excellent experience working with Josh and his team, who are a wealth of knowledge about southern California ecosystems. The fish we study is cryptic, difficult to catch, and not a conventional research animal, but the South Coast Bio-Marine team obtained specimens within hours. They welcomed us into their lab space, worked around our unusual requests, and were generous with their time and knowledge. We highly recommend South Coast Bio-Marine and hope to work with them again in the future.”– Katherine Dale, UC Santa Cruz

“South Coast Bio-marine has been great at providing animals for both teaching and research; they’re fast, flexible, and willing to look for unusual species if I need them.” — BP, CSU Long Beach


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