The species listed are the most commonly ordered, the most commonly available, and what we tend to specialize in. There are obviously hundreds of species that are available in our area and we can probably collect them. However, there are many species that are protected by California Fish and Wildlife regulations. To learn more about the regulations click here.

Strongylocentrotus purpuratus

Purple Urchins are typically ripe in the Fall through late Spring. Not always, but often I can find urchins down deep that are still ripe very late into Summer.

Lytechinus pictus

White Urchins are usually ripe starting in early Spring (March or April) and continuing until October.

Patiria miniata

Bat Stars are hard to pin down for a specific “season”. I have found that they generally are ripe most of the year except for late Summer when the temps are at their maximum. The best time is in the late Winter, through till late Spring.

Aplysia californica

Megathura crenulata

Flabellina iodinea

Hermissenda crassicornis

Melibe leonina

Many more….