The species listed below are only some of the most common specimens that we collect. There are obviously hundreds of species that are available in our area and we can probably collect them. However, there are many species that are protected by California Fish and Wildlife regulations. To learn more about the regulations click here. You may be required to possess a current California Scientific Collecting Permit depending on the species. Please email us for clarification.

PurpuratusThumbStrongylocentrotus purpuratus

Purple Urchins are typically ripe in the Fall through late Spring. Deep water urchins can be found to still be ripe into late summer. Up to 25 per box, shipped in a “wet-pack” configuration. $4.00 ea

LytechinusThumbLytechinus pictus

White Urchins are usually ripe starting in early Spring (March or April) and continuing until October. Up to 60 per box. $3.00 ea


PatiriaThumbPatiria miniata 

Bat Stars are hard to pin down for a specific “season”. They can be ripe all year round depending on the conditions. Up to 18 per box. $7.50 ea

AplysiaThumbAplysia californica 

California Brown Sea Hare. Available year round, from 1g to 1000g. Depending on size, up to 16 per box (12 for most sizes). Used in neurobiology research as a model for our understanding of the molecular and chemical basis for learning and memory. $16.50 ea


MegathuraThumbMegathura crenulata 

Giant Keyhole Limpet. Available year round. Used in biotech and pharmaceutical industry for its hemocyanin, a copper based protein that has immuno-therapeutic properties. $7.50 ea


FlabellinaThumbFlabellina iodinea 

Spanish Shawl Nudibranch. $5.00 ea


Melibe leonina 

Lion’s Mane Nudibranch. $5.00 ea

Macrocystis pyrifera 

Giant Kelp. We can provide you with large quantities of freshly collected kelp. Only the best specimens selected, hand cut. Sustainable, renewable resource. Shipped in water, damp, or sun dried. $6.00 per pound (wet)

Phylum Collections

10-15 representative species of a major invertebrate Phylum or Order. Collector uses own judgement as to what is appropriate and available, but typical species that we send are listed below. We try to give as broad a representation as possible. $90 each

Mollusk Collection

Aplysia, Megathura, Norrissia, Kellettia, Tegula, Turban Snails, Whelks, Tube Snails, Periwinkles, Limpets, Nudibranchs, Mussels, Clams, Oysters, Cone Snail, Slipper Shell, Olive Snail, etc.

Crustacean Collection

Kelp Crab, Globe Crab, Elbow Crab, Moon Snail Hermit Crab (Isocheles), Hairy Hermit Crab, Porcelain Crab, Pistol Shrimp, Masking Crab, Broken Back Shrimp, Shore Crab, Isopods, Amphipods, Mysid Shrimp, Blue Banded Hermit Crab, etc.

Tunicate Collection

Styela clava, Styela plicata, Styela montereyensis, Ciona intestinalis, Pyura, Solitary and Colonial Tunicates, etc.

Sponge Collection

Tethya, Leucilla, Leucosolenia, Leucandra, Halichondria, Haliclona, Stelletta, Acarnus, etc.

Cnidarian Collection

Anthopleura, Corynactis, Metridium, Balanophyllia, Epiactis, Pachycerianthus, Gorgonians, Renilla, Stylatula, Astrangia, Urticina columbiana, various Hydroids, etc.

Bryozoan Collection

Bugula neritina, Bugula californica, Membranipora, Phidolopera, etc.

Echinoderm Collection

Purple Sea Urchin, White Sea Urchin, Red Sea Urchin, Bat Star, Ochre Star, Nobby Star, Sand Dollar, Heart Urchin, Ophioplocus, Ophioderma, Spiny Brittle Stars, Parastichopus parvimensis, Cucumaria, etc.

Polychaete Collection

Eudistylia, Diopatra, Salmacina, Serpula, Spirobids, Phragmatopoma, Cirriformia, etc.

General Invertebrate Collection

15-20 species of a broad representation of commonly available invertebrates.

AlgaeThumbAlgae Collection

Assortment of brown, red, and green algae. Codium, Ulva, Macrocystis, Egregia, Pachydictyon , Dictyota, Dictyopteris, Sargassum, Cystoseira, Colpomenia, Gigartina, Plocamium, Rhodymenia, Gelidium, Corallina, Prionitis, Laurencia, etc.