We ship our specimens in cardboard lined styrofoam boxes. They are $14.00 each.

Domestic Shipping Policy

We prefer to use FedEx Priority Overnight as our primary choice of courier service. Depending on your location shipping costs will be about $100.00-$150.00. If you have a FedEx account number you would like to use, please let us know.

International Shipping Policy

Due to the complicated and time consuming nature of International shipping, a minimum order of $500.00 is required. This does not include the additional costs of packing material, inspection fees, shipping charges or other associated costs.

The total transit time of international shipments, mostly due to the time spent clearing customs inspection is often 3 to 5 days. Thus, no guarantee is offered for the health of the animals or the timeliness of the release of the shipment to the recipient.

A valid import permit is required on the part of the recipient.