Josh Ross

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I have been supplying marine invertebrates and fish to researchers, educators, pharmaceutical companies, and public aquariums for almost 20 years. While I was in college, completing my BS in marine biology, I worked for 4 years as an aquarist at a local public aquarium that dealt exclusively with local coldwater species. After I graduated in 2000 I started diving and collecting full- time for a marine biological supply company here in Los Angeles. When the owners retired 3 years later, I continued on as the chief collector and co- owner of that same company for another 6 years. In 2008, I set out on my own and founded my current company, South Coast Bio-Marine.

I have, conservatively, over 5,000 hours underwater and know where to find most of the animals people typically would ask for. I can collect just about anything assuming that it is legal and ethical to do so.

If you decide to purchase from me, I can promise you that you will get the best quality specimens, great personalized service, and receive them in a timely manner. My prices are reasonable too! Give me a call or email me. I might be underwater but I will promptly return your call when I can dry off.