Giant Sea Bass Encounter

I was out collecting White Sea Urchins, Lytechinus pictus today and this Giant Sea Bass, Stereolepis gigas, came up and wanted to see what I was doing. I first heard a loud “thump” underwater and thought it might be something that fell over on my boat (sound carries pretty far underwater) but then this guy shows up and I knew that was the sound I heard. They have the ability to communicate with other Sea Bass by way of their of Swim Bladder. There are a number of fish that do this, the Garibaldi, and members of the Croaker family come to mind. Luckily, I had my GoPro with me (my new personal policy is to bring it with me any time I am in the water) and got some cool footage. I apologize for the green tint but the visibility wasn’t great and I was in 60 ft. of water. I put together a quick edit and posted it on my YouTube channel, you can check it out here:

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The Lytechinus are still ripe for a little bit longer, but I also have a large inventory that should last for a while. I would be happy to part with some of them, just email me at info@scbiomarine or call (714) 614-7858 and place an order.



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