Nine Reasons Why South Coast Bio-Marine Is The Best Marine Biological Supply Company Around

1. Quality

The specimens that you will receive will be the best available and kept healthy the whole way through the process. We keep our holding tanks clean and cold, and ship with fresh ocean water. We have a good “eye” for what is a healthy looking specimen. We select the best animals, not only at the time of collection, but also at the time of shipping, so there is at least two opportunities to maintain good quality control.

2. Experience

We have almost 20 years in the business of supplying coldwater marine specimens from the Southern California area. That’s a long time to learn what works and what doesn’t work with regards to collecting, handling, transporting, shipping, and doing all the behind the scenes things that are needed to make sure we can repeat the process week in and week out. And we are still learning and evolving all the time. Never will we be satisfied that we have it all figured out.

3. Guarantee

We guarantee that the animals will be alive, healthy and useful. It does you no good to receive otherwise, and it makes no sense for you to pay for sub- par specimens.

4. Reliable

Part of what makes us so good is that we work really hard when we are not collecting to make sure that equipment is working properly and supplies are stocked so we are ready to go for the next order.

5. Speed

Although we are dealing with live animals that are collected fresh and on demand, we can still get your specimens to you within a few days depending on our work load and ocean conditions.

6. Customization

We tailor-make our orders to fit your needs. If you have special size requirements for certain animals or need them from specific depths or habitats, etc. than we will try to accommodate you. We can collect one specimen from every phylum that exists in our area, or collect 30 of one specific species. There is no one-size-fits-all.

7. Sustainable

All the species that we supply are abundant and have a high fecundity. We rotate collecting sites to let populations recover, and collect over a wide area. It would be self-defeating to wipe out or reduce a population to numbers so low that it puts us out of business, not to mention the ethical implications of doing so.

8. Consistent

Somebody once told me that “Trust equals consistency over time”. I don’t know where he got it from but that quote has stuck with me over the years. It’s very important to us to make sure that you know that you will get consistent results week after week with the animals that you receive from us. Seasonal variation is uncontrollable, but variation due to handling, transporting, shipping, etc. is to be avoided at all costs.

9. Purpose

I wake up and start my day knowing that customers are relying upon me and the company to collect and deliver their specimens for their research or educational needs. Knowing how important these animals are to your research or educational program is what drives me to do this day after day, even when it is cold, foggy, raining, big surf, etc. Coming in on the weekend to fix or do some maintenance on equipment is never fun but it’s what has to be done.